Jul 21 23:25 ( 3946 )

What’s most important now is that Stiles and Derek are working together next week

Jul 21 23:21 ( 2 )

Vote Dylan O’Brien for Choice TV Villain at the Teen Choice Awards

You can vote once per day at teenchoiceawards. Voting ends on Saturday, August 9th at 11:59 pm PT. 

Jul 21 23:15 ( 456 )

The Argent code will forever be “We protect those who cannot protect themselves” i don’t actually care what the show says

Jul 21 23:14 ( 170 )


wolf watch couldn’t even get anyone from teen wolf on the teen wolf talk show

Jul 21 23:04 ( 693 )

I have tylerhoechiln, ercareyes and jordanparrsh saved and I want to use all three all the time what do i do

Jul 21 23:03 ( 1 )


Jul 21 22:58

hahahah all the dead teenagers are the codes ahahaha im actually crying bye

Jul 21 22:56 ( 3 )

I’ve been looking at the numbers on my phone trying to decode 2436 for 10 minutes now

Jul 21 22:50 ( 2 )

Actual good Lacrosse player Stiles is my fav

Jul 21 22:45


my first instinct was “bring on the hilarious lost-his-powers fic!!!” thinking about derek having to handle burning his tongue and getting paper cuts and twisting his ankle and shit for the first time

but then i remembered that derek hale has always been so proud, always loved being a werewolf, even with all the tragedy it brought him he never questioned what he was, never questioned that scott should be proud of it, that it was what he was meant to be and that he loved it and saw it as an inseparable part of his identity and now i’m REALLY sad and EXTREMELY worried about derek hale JUST LEAVE THE POOR DUDE ALONE HE’S DOING HIS BEST

Jul 21 22:40 ( 490 )


I agree with Mason on a spiritual level

Jul 21 22:38 ( 8017 )

I refuse to allow Derek Hale to hurt anymore BYE

Jul 21 22:36 ( 5 )


goodbye pals remember to put DEREK HALE MENTORING SCOTT MCCALL on my tombstone 

Jul 21 22:21 ( 143 )


Don’t Hate, Coach…don’t hate.

Jul 21 22:19 ( 7141 )